E-bike custom-made orders are accepted. Let’s make your drawing come true ,make your thoughts into facts.

Yes ,many of our customers warry about intellectual property protection. The solution in our factory is like this:

If it is designed by the customer and the customer pays the mold fee,(mainly the frame mold) the intellectual property of the product is completely owned by the customer. We can assist the customer in making the sample out and in applying for a patent. At the same time, we will sign a confidentiality agreement with the customer.
If the customer uses the mold we already have and just change some components (such as battery ,motor, controller, gear, fly wheel, seat, handbar,etc) or change the outlook painting. We reserve the right to continue using this mold, and at the same time promise not to make a bike that is exactly the same as you, and will not copy your appearance painting.
We can sign relevant legal documents .

Coming over 5 years, we have experienced many difficulties, but we always put our commitment to customers first, and this is the reason why we keep developing.

Published by barrygeng

Electric bike manufacturer,specialized in electric bicycle design, assembly, supply chain.

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